About us

The nursery was founded in 1978 by my father Janusz Marek. Our farm is located on a picturesque and fruitful Lublin hill not far from highway 830 (about 10 km from Lublin and about 3 km from motorway S19).

sps_logoOur nursery is a member of Union of Polish nurserymen. 

We produce about 200 thousand of fruit-tree seedlings and 300 thousand of stocks. We offer also stocks of Kamchatka berry in pots. 80% of our production are apple-tress on stocks M9, P60, M26, M7and P14. We produce also pears, sweet cherry, plums and apricots. 

In our virus-free ovaries we produce M9 , M26 ,M7 , P17 , Colt and Pigwa S1. We have also generative stocks: Mahaleb cherry, cherry-plum, bird cherry, Prunusdomestica subsp. Insititia.

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Apple trees: Idared, Golden, Jonagold, Gala, Red Boskoop, Szampion, Camspur, Gloster, Lobo, Geneva Early, Cortland, Cortland Wicki, Jonica, Sander, Alwa
Plum trees: Amers, President, Herman, Węgierka Dąbrowicka, Ulena, Węgierka Zwykła
Sweet-cherry trees: Burlat, Lapins, Summit, Regina, Sam, Kordia
Cherry trees: Łutówka, Kelleris 16, Nefris
Pear trees: Lukasówka, Faworytka, Konferencja
Apricot trees: Harcot, Early Orange
Kamchatka berry: Wojtek, Zojka, Jolanta